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Indian cinema is not all Bollywood and that’s a barrier that’s been hard to bre…

Having forayed into Hollywood, actor Ali Fazal says he is thankful to Indian actors who have worked for decades to earn a level playing field for brown actors. After making a name, trying to build a career from scratch in a new industry is daunting. It took years of hard work, steadfast dedication and some fascinating career choices for artists such as Shashi Kapoor, Om Puri and Irrfan. With these actors having chosen roles that see them as actors beyond their geographical identity, has laid the foundation of new-age actors shares Fazal.

The Mirzapur actor adds, “Choices don’t come to you on a platter no matter which industry you belong to. And when it’s an industry that’s not familiar with you, your body of work and judging your abilities from their own set notions, it’s an even tougher feat. For decades, masterful filmmakers and actors have systematically worked towards depicting the real India on screen.” After his Hollywood debut Victoria & Abdul (2017), he is awaiting the release of Death On The Nile and is looking forward to shooting for Code Name Johnny Walker.


“Indian cinema is not all Bollywood and that’s a barrier that’s been hard to break. I am so indebted to the incredible work of Irrfan bhai, Om sa’ab, Saeed Jaffrey, Shashi Kapoor who have strived to secure better roles and created better opportunities for us. A lead part in roles has been possible for me because of their contribution and bravery,” he signs off.

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