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                                            Our Story

Rai Academy is an online platform who is in collaboration with many teacher in the field of education, marketing and also Yoga so that you can stay fit. Rai Academy was already in this field from many years and has a renowned name in this.

Education99 is a youtube channel on various topics of physics and also on current topics whics are in news. Through the youtube channel we spread knowledge to all the students who wants to learn.

Yoga : The inner Science – We  provide professional yoga classes to various places such as in school,college or even in corporate companies also.

Satyarth Yoga Sansthan – Satyarth Yoga sansthan provides education in yoga as a proffessional course under the organization of Himalayan organization

Meet Our Lead Instructors

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   My name is Ankit Sir and I am a Physics teacher in a Reputed Cbse school. I have also Started A online YouTube channel Name #EDUCATION99 Where You can Easily connect with me.

Brij Bilas Rai

I am a proffessional Yoga trainer who runs a group of yoga teacher who goes to various places to teach Yoga.

Satyarth Yog Sansthan

Satyarth  Yoga sansthan is a type of yoga school where many students get to learn about yoga and after this they become a certified toga trainner.

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